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Gain 2 additional years of warranty for FREE  in just 3 easy steps.

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  • Register your details below for verification and you’ll receive confirmation of warranty extension within 14 days by email.

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2 years extended warranty for FREE!

  • Terms and conditions:
  • This promotion is run solely by Anzu Charging Pty Ltd, it creates no obligation or commitment by any reseller of Anzu Charging branded products,
  • Warranty extension claim must be completed within 90 days of purchase,
  • Extended warranty is an extension of the terms of our standard warranty conditions up to a maximum total 4 years on Anzu Charging & AEFA charge points and up to a maximum total of 5 years on LINCHR charge points, Anzu Charging EV charging cables and adaptors,
  • Final decision on warranty extension remains at the sole discretion of Anzu Charging Pty Ltd, 
  • Extended warranty program applies only to the following product ranges: LINCHR H-Series & C-Series charge points, AEFA EVE charge points, Anzu Chagrging HM10 Series Series charging stations, AG & M Series cables & adaptors – refer to below for full list of included model numbers,
  • Products must be purchased through Anzu Charging Pty Ltd or via an authorised retailer/ reseller (see our website for details of authorised retailers/ resellers). Products purchased through a third party not listed as an authorised retailer/ reseller will not be considered for the warranty extension program,
  • The customer agrees to permit Anzu Charging Pty Ltd to use the online posts and reviews for marketing purposes,
  • Promotion ends 30/06/2024, Anzu Charging Pty Ltd reserves the right to end or extend this promotion at it’s discretion, Invoice dates will be used to determine date for inclusion in this promotion.
  • Included model numbers: AEFA charge points – EVE07W-DG, EVE07W-Wh, EVE22W-DG, EVE22W-Wh. Anzu Charging charge points – HM10332, HM10332 (A), HM10332-Solar. Anzu Charging EV charging cables – AG-T1-Bk/Or-32A/5, AG-T1-Bk/Or-32A/7.5, AG-T1-Bl/Bl-32A/5,AG-T1-Bl/Bl-32A/7.5, AG-T1-Gr/Gr-32A/5,AG-T1-Gr/Gr-32A/7.5, AG-T2-Bk/Or-32A/5, AG-T2-Bl/Bl-32A/5, AG-T2-Bl/Bl-32A/7.5, AG-T2-Gr/Gr-32A/5, AG-T2-Gr/Gr-32A/7.5, M-T2-Wh-32A/5, M-T2-Wh-32A/7.5, AG-T2-Bk/Or-32A3/5, AG-T2-Bk/Or-32A3/7.5, AG-T2-Bk/Or-32A3/10, AG-T2-Bl/Bl-32A3/5, AG-T2-Bl/Bl-32A3/7.5, AG-T2-Gr/Gr-32A3/5, AG-T2-Gr/Gr-32A3/7.5, M-T2-Wh-32A3/5, M-T2-Wh-32A3/7.5. Adaptors – M-T1-Adaptor. LINCHR charge points – EC-07-B, KCHS07B, LCHS07C, LCHS22B, LCHS22C.
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