Wallbox – 22kW Pulsar Max Smart Charger

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Wallbox – 22kW Pulsar Max Smart Charger

Pulsar Max is the smart charger specially designed to unlock time, money and energy savings for everyday electric vehicle drivers. Enjoy fast charging, smart scheduling, and easy installation.

More details

  • Optional – Eco-Smart solar EV charging, dynamic load balancing and power sharing (with optional smart meter),
  • MyWallbox Portal|Wallbox App|RGB LED user interface options for easy operation.
  • Fast charging with up to 22kW.
  • 5 meter tethered charging cable with Type 2 vehicle connector.
  • Smart scheduling for energy and cost savings.
  • IP54 Rated for easy indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Requires external RCCB.
  • High quality, scratch-resistant matte finish.
  • Voice control enabled with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices.
  • Integrated PEN fault protection. No earthing rod needed..
  • Compatible with all Wallbox Energy Management Solutions, including Eco-Smart solar EV charging, Power Boost dynamic load balancing and Power Sharing.
  • Wallbox dimensions: 198 x 201 x 99mm
  • 3 Year Warranty.

Charge Point Only, CP and Smart Meter Bundle


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