Type 2 – 7kW Portable EV charging unit

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Type 2 – 7kW Portable EV charging unit

M-Series: Type 2 – 7kW Portable EV charging cable:

Why settle for second best for your new EV when you can Australia’s best TPU cables!
  • 230V/32A – up to 7kW max charge rate,
  • 2 connectors to choose from; 32A 3Pin AU Single Phase plug, 32A 5Pin AU Three Phase plug (draws from phase 1 only) OR CEE with 32A 5 Pin Three Phase adaptor,
  • Adjustable 8-32 Amp current, charge at the rate to suit your needs and help prevent overload of circuits,
  • Type 2 (IEC-62196) vehicle connector,
  • Delay start function – up to 12 hours delay,
  • Ideal emergency backup for anyone travelling, or for everyday home use for those who can’t install a high speed EVSE wallbox,
  • 5 meter total cable length,
  • Black TPU cable from charge module to vehicle provides improved durability, along with greater resistance to water and oil absorption, lighter cable with greater flexibility for easier use (when compared to TPE),
  • Press moulded vehicle connector – greater resistance to water ingress and improved durability due to being a press mould vs traditional screw together designs,
  • IP55 rated for indoor or outdoor use,
  • CE, IEC, AS/NZ RCM compliant for use within Australia,
  • Bonus carry bag included * bag design may vary,
  • 3 year Australian warranty.
Included Adaptor

3pin AU Plug, 5pin AU Plug, CEE with 5pin AU adaptor


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