AEFA Flex-Charger – Adaptor Tails

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AEFA Flex-Charger – Adaptor Tails

Adaptor tails to suit your Flex-Charger Portable EV Charger.

4 Tails to choose from to suit your needs,

  • 10A AU standard wall plug,
  • 15A AU wall plug,
  • 32A 3 pin AU socket for single phase 32A sockets,
  • 32A 5 pin AU socket for three phase 32A sockets (note: draws from 1 phase only),

32A sockets are IP66 weatherproof design suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Flex-Charger will automatically limit the charger to match the connected tail, preventing accidental overload, secure fit fastener includes a slide lock mechanism connecting tail to charger, this helps prevent accidental loosening of connector during use.

Flex-Charger remembers the last assigned current setting for specific tail to help prevent accidental overload on shared circuits (eg: we recommend use of 8A limit when on shared circuits within the home to allow capacity for other devices, the 10A tail can be swapped out with a 32A tail for use, then when the 10A tail is reconnected the Flex-Charger will automatically remember the 8A setting previously used).

All tails fit AEFA Flex-Charger EVA07B only.


Note: 32A 3 pin adaptor tails on back-order contact us for ETA


10A, 15A, 32A 3 pin, 32A 5 pin


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