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Fleet and charger management

Monitor your fleets power consumption, view statistics on groups or individual charging points, separate sites into multiple pools, tally individual customers usage in apartment buildings for end of month billing. 

You stay in control

Control who accesses your charge points, ideal for fleet management or apartment buildings where public can access areas you may not want them accessing your charging equipment.

Allocate customers to groups – eg: set up a company account with RFiD cards who can access free charging on your point, whilst other customers fall into the standard pay to charge groups.

Payment system

Our Work and Public plans include access to our automated payment system**, you set the prices, we’ll take care of the rest and you’ll receive funds each month for charging sessions conducted on your charge points.

** payment processing fees apply

We’ve partnered with ChargePanel – a Sweden based world leader in CMS software to bring you the latest features and functions at market leading prices.

Our capabilities  include:

  • Fleet charging management.
  • Charger management,
  • Suitable for residential or commercial use with plans to suit your usage requirements,
  • Pay to charge functionality – including variable pricing schedules,
  • Load sharing capability,
  •  Compatibility with most leading brands of OCPP chargers on the market,
  • Charging statistics tracking,
  • App control of home and public charge points,
  • Charge scheduling,
  • Charge point owner access and control through our web pages charge point management software,
  • and more features to be confirmed in coming months..

Packages start from just $4.95p/m*

We offer three levels of charging management to suit your needs and budget:

  • Home plan: – Charger management, load balancing, fleet management, RFiD control, restricted access function, app control, delay start function, statistics tracking, owner web portal login to control your charging pool, charging cost tracking function (payment portable on higher level plans), business hours technical support,
  •  Work plan: – all the great functions of the home plan with the added benefit of access to our automated payment function powered by stripe – ideal for employers who wish to provide charging services to employees without the costs or pesky FBT implications or apartment building operators who wish to have residents pay upfront for their charging,
  • Public plan: – includes all the great features of the “Work plan” with extended support hours during the week and weekend support.

Looking for more information? 

Contact us at info@anzucharging.com.au with your charge point management requirements.

*pricing based on Home plan, additional setup fees & payment processing fees may apply.

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